With Hotmail, establish your identity online

Microsoft Corp. is offering Indian users the opportunity to have personalized e-mail ids that show up their identity, likes and dislikes, choice of sports, favorite celebrities etc etc.

If users are tired of an email id like rahul2007@hotmail.com, which does not say a lot about them, they now have the option to choose email ids from some 250 domains.

They can have multiple ids each emphasizing one aspect or the other of themselves, or even their moods at any time of the day, such as rahul@coolaquarius.in or rahul@bangalorerocks.in or rahul@ilovefootball.in or rahul@iwanttobeme.in.

Like all other products and services, it appears that email too is moving to becoming a lifestyle statement.

The email ids can be used on instant messenger and other Windows Live services.

“Our research shows that the youth today want their own identity and there are not enough email ids available to truly describe one’s personality. An email id is a part of one’s own identity and since people use email as the primary mode of contact, it is important to have an email id which is unique. This led us to roll out a comprehensive list of free personalized email ids that will allow users more choice in an email id with all the added features of their Windows Live Hotmail account,” said Jaspreet Bindra, Country Manager, Online Services Business, Microsoft India in a statement.

To sign up for personalized email ids, folks have to go to this site, select their domain, and sign up for the email id through Windows Live.

I was looking for anon@iam16andstunning.in but lucked out.


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