Indians (understandably) don’t want gay rights

Indian religious leaders object to the legalization of homosexuality, according to this report in the CNN. And quite understandably so.

This is one of those instances where the law is trying to get ahead of society and its mores. Even in the US where society has presumably got used to its gays, the laws lag behind. A homosexual can still be barred in the US from joining the military if his leanings are made known.

In India, the society is still conservative and only slowly coming to terms with some loosening of norms in opposite-sex relationships. You don’t tear a society apart by forcing changes on it at a far more rapid pace than it can cope. The result will be anomie, loss of values, and general uprootedness.

To be sure a case can be made that gays have a right to relationships, provided they are consensual. On these terms, gay relationships do not encroach on others rights.

Instead of changing the law, which is bound to be objected to by religious and social leaders, gays could arrive at a tacit agreement with the authorities that there will not be any prosecution simply because two persons have a gay relationship.

In return gays will have to also tacitly promise moderation on a number of fronts. No public displays of affections, and no public solicitation even if it is only holding someone’s hands longer than you need to, or ogling someone through kajal laden eyes. I mention these two, because of lot of folks have complained of being harassed by such solicitations at public places, stores, and community gatherings.

Come on you folks ! We can try to cope. So should you. All a step at a time.


One Response to Indians (understandably) don’t want gay rights

  1. Aadisht says:


    this is an awesome idea. I am stunned that nobody has thought of it before.

    Next, the authorities can arrive at a tacit agreement with everyone not to collect bribes! In return, everyone can not annoy them by doing anything at all.

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